Debi Mae At Burning Man

"He looks not quite like a surfer..."

Debi Mae At Burning Man [1]
Original Broadcast Date
February 23, 2005
Debi Mae West, Joe Frank
54 minutes
Preceded by: Fire
Followed by: Bad Faith

Debi Mae At Burning Man is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Online. It was originally broadcast on February 23, 2005.


Joe converses with Debi Mae West about her adventures surrounding Burning Man 2004. This program was presented online on Joe Frank's web site in February 2005. We hear about:

  • Being invited and preparing to go
  • A description of the event itself
  • She had an extremely intense experience and was at her most loving and charismatic while she was there
  • She met Lee and they fell in love
  • Lee has other relationships with women across the globe and isn't willing to be straight about them, Debi is both heartbroken and obsessed
  • There's another (married) guy she's interested in, and it turns out he's interested in her too
  • Breaking up with Malcolm



  • We heard about Malcolm in Emptiness. Joe wasn't a fan of Malcolm at the time, and now it's clear his concerns were well founded.