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Milton Austin Schindler was born 1925 February 25 in Omaha, Nebraska (but was living in Brooklyn in the 1940 Census), died 2002 December 8 in Los Angeles - aged 77 years.

Milton Schindler first appears in No Angel.[1] He introduces himself as Milton when he meets the masseuse,Lesley; he has the same voice, says he was born in 1925, which Milton Schindler was. He tells the story of a dream in which he imagined that he had died, met God. He asked for 100 years. God asked if his business gave discounts, which Schindler said it did, so God applied a 12% discount, promised him 88 years.[2]

He next appears in Lover Man.[1] He tells a story about being a student at the University of Chicago in 1944-5. He tells another story about his father's (a baker) death. He mentions that he had been born in Omaha. He says he hired girls for sex when he was out of town, never told his wife, 'Joanie'. He's the guy who bought the Dole.

He's the gambler who tells his story in Zen.

In Caged Heart he recites the 23rd Psalm, then tells about waking up in the hospital after he slit his wrists in 1986, says he wants to be a rabbi, that he and Lesley[3] have always been interested in spiritual matters.[4]

He mentions suicide in Caged Heart and Zen.

Milton Schindler appeared in the following programs:


Schindler sounds like a braggart to me; I don't automatically credit what he says. Arthur Peabody (talk) 12:03, 14 March 2021 (EDT)


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