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David Franks is the crazy preacher leading that unfortunate woman (man?) on a crazy prayer in A Natural Disaster (re-used in Prayer and Holy Land) and the guy who deals in mysticism in Bible Stories (re-used in Dreamland: A Compilation).

He was a crazy character in real life. The Baltimore Sun published this obituary

Andrei Codrescu eulogized him on All Things Considered

A friend eulogized him in "Crabtown Observed #9: Footlong Farewell on Film"

When Hearing Voices included one of his calls in an episode,[1] host Barrett Golding explained:

Larry Massett, the narrator, gave the tape to Joe (they're old friends) a long time ago. Larry got the tape from poet Andrei Codrescu, who got the tape from someone else, and that's where the provenance ends.

David Franks appeared in the following programs:


    1. The page has a discussion; some objected to the call. One wrote that Franks was the Tarot card reader (must have been Hot Line); it sounds like his style but not his voice; joefrank.com doesn't list him in the cast.