Case Studies

She was a rather peculiar person, a woman in her mid forties who was always playing the child.

Case Studies[1]
Work In Progress
Original Broadcast Date
Arthur Miller, Nick Ullett, Tim Jerome, Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, Panel Discussion, 58 minutes
Preceded by: Let Me Not Dream
Followed by: Cocktails Before Dinner

Case Studies is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Work In Progress. It was originally broadcast in 1986.


  • Joe tells stories interspersed by rolling dice.
  • A childish woman becomes morbid when her husband destroys her dolls, goes to psychoanalysis. Her husband the judge steals women's clothing.
  • A Oedipal man wonders the countryside with a staff.
  • Panel discussion on philosophy: reality and perception, music, the books "philosophy and self deception" and "sound and nonsense," pheromones, measuring beauty as ship-launching potential.
  • Panel discussion: the nature of time, life as a series of experiments, Spinoza's stones in motion.
  • Discordant monologue.: calling people, following people, waking up in a subway car, time is a swallow flying, the chinchillas are unbearable, someone saw the aurora, tropical fish boiled, missing snuff bottles.
  • Panel discussion: presence of evil and ugly in everything life affirming, the shark's life, a history of the world from an ant's point of view, humans are bred by the gods for slaughter, god is responsible for everything including the bad things, balance between illness and wonder drugs, immortality, a small town sacrifices prosthetics in exchange for immortality.
  • Monologue: a play that ends in a riot, sudden discharge of foul smelling oil in a restaurant, a room complains about the weight of furniture, a pit throws a baker into an oven, a hemophiliac comic bleeds to death, the dead walk the earth, finance is conducted entirely through bodily gestures, theaters dissolve into nonsense, wise men fake the spirit of the field, suicides immediately reincarnated, a porno house destroyed in a storm and no one notices, an empty frame against a blank wall, the truth is unfathomably, former lovers going beyond their limits, a fly in a coffee cup and imagining a dead animal or baby in the road, running around a hotel six times, a staircase from an ancient city, organizing books according to color, revolutions fail, the speed at which screams propagate, attending meetings in a wax museum, secondary lifetimes, a god for god, seducing women with a harmonica, mouths as the seat of pleasure, attacking a woman in a hotel bathroom, tricking nurses into examining one's you know what, the futility of genealogy.


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Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "With Arthur Miller, Nick Ullett, and Tim Jerome. Technical production by Tom Strother."


  • In 2004, the Adobe Bookstore in San Francisco sorted their books by color for a week. Here's a blog entry describing the work.