Rent A Family (Remix)

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Rent A Family (Remix)[1]
Somewhere Out There
Original Broadcast Date
Barbara Sohmers, Mark Hammer, Arthur Miller, Tim Jerome, Nick Ullett, Carolyn Swift, Larry Block, Lynn, Sarah, Carmen, Thomas, Timo, Sharon, Christa
Drama, 61 minutes
Preceded by: The Other Side
Followed by: Arena (Remix)

Anyway they closed the office and they let me go.

Rent A Family (Remix) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There. It was originally broadcast on March 23, 1997.


The program explores an organization that rents women with children to bachelors for days at a time. Panel discussion about the program with a spokesman and questioners: men who choose a range of different families; renting spare children; the cost of different families; built in obsolescence; the relative value of long and short term relationships; the RAF as prostitution. A woman is interviewed about participating in the program. Eleanor calls her ex, Arthur, on the phone, desperately begs him to come back to her, claims her car has broken down and she needs help, threatens suicide with a gun. Miller obsesses about an anthropologist in a library, befriends her and is disappointed to discover that she's a regular, boring person. A man seduces the daughter of a woman he's dated, discovers that she has seduced his son. After an aborted motorcycle ride to Mexico, Larry sleeps with a crazy person who then refuses to leave his house. Eleanor calls Arthur, offers to move in and do housework for him and his wife, claims to be sick. Joe enrolls in the program and meets another woman and her daughter, mixed with with Joe listing nouns against the sound of chimes. Panel discussion - harnessing sexual energy. Eleanor and Arthur talk later after she's recovered. Panel discussion continues - channeling impulses in a proper way. A man rails against his bourgeois students, himself, burns his papers.


Shared Material


  • A one hour remix of the Rent a Family series.