Two Women

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Two Women[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
Real People, 57 minutes
Preceded by: Pledge Drive 2000-01-29
Followed by: Zen

"I became involved with this, this guy once."

Two Women is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on March 1, 2000.


A woman talks about her relationships. She dates a man who is engaged, an impotent man. She has a light-hearted relationship with a lying womanizer who brings two girlfriends to a dance and lies about it and forgives himself. Another woman talks about relationships with much older men. She talks about the Group Theater, having an affair with Harold Clurman. Coming to New York and buying a sewing machine from an ancient, blind sewing machine repairman and having an affair with him. "If only I was sixty five again..." Hands and mechanical aptitude. Dating Cleveland Amory.


Shared material

Additional credits


Remix of The Truth About Women (Part 1) parts 1 and 2 cut to one hour.