In A Lonely Place

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In A Lonely Place
In The Dark
Original Broadcast Date
Julia Sweeney
Comedian, 25 minutes
Preceded by: Hot Line
Followed by: Lila And The Professor

"And um, when my parents moved from the big house where they raised their five children."

In A Lonely Place is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series In The Dark. It was originally broadcast in 1995. This episode consists entirely of a stand-up comedy routine by Julia Sweeney.


Julia Sweeney at Un-Cabaret jokes about cancer, setting the car on fire, the atrophy of sex interest, parents divorcing while visiting.


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Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "Performed by Julia Sweeney at UnCabaret in Los Angeles. Recorded by Greg Miller, and mixed by Jerry Summers. Produced by Joe Frank. Special thanks to Beth Lapides and Greg Miller of UnCabaret."