Either Or (Part 2)

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Either / Or (Part 2)[1]
In The Dark
Original Broadcast Date
Arthur Miller, Maude Davis, Joe Frank
Improv Actors, Scripted Actors, 27 minutes
Preceded by: Either / Or (Part 1)
Followed by: Anthology Of Love (Part 1)

This is Joe Frank, I'm here at the Bellflower Hotel.

Either / Or (Part 2) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series In The Dark. It was originally broadcast in 1994.


Joe interviews famous mime Bertram Fields (Arthur Miller) in a hotel room at the Bellflower.

Joe asks him what he would have done had he not become a mime. Fields says that he would have been a registered nurse, describes in detail how he would have practiced nursing. We hear the passionate couple next door and someone pounding on their door, yelling.

2:40: Joe asks for a taste of his upcoming performance. Fields performs 'Nothing happened', a favorite from the Decroux days.

3:40: Fields recalls a wonderful day in early autumn, lying in Elizabeth's lap after a picnic. He sleeps and dreams. His happiness is spoiled by the thought of her brother, Heinrich, an artist with a mangled hand who comes between them.

12:00: Fields remembers the night of that day. He wakes, and sees Heinrich in her face. He calls a carriage that takes him to Heinrich's sanitarium. When he arrives, Heinrich's not there, no one knows him.

14:20: This reminds Fields of the day at the academy that Professor Strawn (sp?) made him dress as a woman and whipped him as he danced. This made him feel free and stimulated him to be the best student. He met Heinrich there; Heinrich failed out.

17:40: Joe tells us why he's always hated mime, cites its clichés. He mentions the 'mime defense' against conviction, cites the case of a fellow who murdered his family after watching 2 performances in a row.

20:00: The phone rings. Fields answers it. We hear his half of a discussion of - a performance?

21:30: Joe tells us he wants what we've just heard to stay with us: under our skin, in our veins and kidneys. He wants us to write a paper about it, submit a detailed medical history, a cashier's check…

23:10: Joe's disconcerted by the passionate couple next door again, asks Fields to call the desk.

24:50: Joe talks about the lovers next door.

Legacy Synopsis

Becoming a nurse instead of a mime. radio performance of the piece Nothing Happened: an idyllic picnic with a strange woman, obsessions with her brother, an artist who read the Magna Carta during dinner and suffered a breakdown, her brother disappears, finding meaning while being forced to dress as a woman and dance in class. Monologue: I've always hated mime, the mime defense based on murder after a mime performance. One side of a bizarre telephone conversation. Monologue: I want what you just heard to dwell within you, an academic paper on it.


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Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "[P]erformed by Arthur Miller, Joe Frank, and Maude Davis. The story editor was Farley Ziegler. Recorded and mixed by Jerry Summers. Special thanks to Jennifer Ferro and Theo Mondle."