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My name is Will Irace, and this is my other website and this is my other other website. I started this Wiki in Feb 2005.

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If you're a Joe Frank newbie, here (in no particular order) are a few programs to try--these are among my favorites.

Here are some of my Joe Frank summaries and/or commentary:

Here are some Joe Frank-related issues I've been thinking of lately as part of my private correspondence with other Joe Frank community members:

On Death and Dying in a Godless World

When Joe talks about death and mortality in his shows it certainly reminds me of my own struggles with the idea that I will someday pop out of existence like a lightbulb burning out, "...and what's the point of an existence that's so brief and inconsequential in a universe of space and time that's so impossibly vast?" It used to cause me terrible worry, this idea of finite existence. Then I started some superficial reading on Buddhism, and listened to Jack Kornfield (through Joe, naturally) and came to a solution that works for me: that all I can do is try to leave the world richer than I found it. I do this by raising good kids and loving my wife and family and being kind to others as much as possible. And that will do for now. I'm only 33, so no doubt I'll be facing this my whole life. I'm also trying to cultivate the feeling that my life is an infinity of experiences in and of itself (quite distinct from Lester Nafzger's 26 discrete life linchpins in Performer), but that hasn't taken hold yet.

I know nothing of Joe's private life other than what he puts into his programs, but I hope he is gratified by the fact that he has created (and continues to create) a body of work that is unique, inspiring, and--most important of all--is helping me (and probably others) to decisively manage the most gut-wrenching issues of our seemingly insignificant lives.

I plan to listen to and/or comment on and/or write up the following programs:

ANNOUNCEMENT! There is now a Style Guide. Rules are made to be broken, so if the ones I've articulated don't make sense, let's discuss it!

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Who is Arthur Miller?

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Heard on Joe Frank: "Weather Storm" by Massive Attack. Which program?

Sometimes Joe gives a litany of absurd lists. I want to keep track of those. There's one in Philosophy and Escape From Paradise and In The Dark (Remix).