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"And now from National Public Radio: Joe Frank, Work In Progress."

Bob Carlson is a recording engineer and radio producer, and the host of UnFictional on KCRW. He introduced many of Joe's early shows.

Previously, Bob was KCRW's Director of Production and helped to shape the radio station's sound for over 20 years. He currently hosts UnFictional, where Joe aired his final programs from 2012-2015.

He assisted with the following programs:

Program Air date Series Cast
Problems 1993 In The Dark Grace Zabriskie, Ryan Cutrona, Phil Proctor, Douglas Johnson, Joe Frank
Hot Line 1995 In The Dark Davis Black
The Road To Calvary 1996-03-03 Somewhere Out There Joe Frank
God Only Knows 1996-03-10 Somewhere Out There Joe Frank
Just Get Me Out Of Here 1996-03-17 Somewhere Out There Joe Frank
Red Sea 1996-04-28 Somewhere Out There Joe Frank
Escape From Paradise 1996-06-30 Somewhere Out There Joe Frank
Two Women 2000-03-01 The Other Side Joe Frank
The Wire 2000-03-26 The Other Side Larry Block, Jack Kornfield, Joe Frank
Mystery 2000-11-19 The Other Side Roy Eisenstein, Niles Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Khalid Muhammad, Joe Frank
Dreamers 2012-07-04 UnFictional Larry Block, Joe Frank
Thief 2012-09-25 UnFictional Joe Frank
Old Man 2012-11-13 UnFictional Joe Frank
A Conversation 2013-01-29 UnFictional David Cross, Joe Frank
A Hollywood True Story 2013-03-29 UnFictional Joe Frank
Reality Check 2013-06-21 UnFictional Gideon Brower, Joe Frank
A Life Well Lived 2013-10-04 UnFictional Ryan Cutrona, Joe Frank
Isolation 2014-04-01 UnFictional Julian Barratt, Julia Davis, Joe Frank
Sunken Ship 2014-10-23 UnFictional Joe Frank
The Poor Are Always With Us 2015-05-29 UnFictional Joe Frank
Downfall 2015-10-16 UnFictional Ryan Cutrona, David Cross, Joe Frank

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