Why I Don't Love You Anymore

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Why I Don't Love You Anymore[1]
Work In Progress
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
1 hour
Preceded by: Rose
Followed by: Tell Me What To Do

"Have you, uh, ever been in a restaurant or a theater...."

"Why I Don't Love You Anymore" is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Work In Progress. It was originally broadcast in 1986.


  • Having an upset stomach in a public place and discovering a befouled toilet. Forming a bathroom etiquette hit squad, the Sanitation Corps, to call out and humiliate those who leave messes in bathrooms.
  • Getting vengeance on inconsiderate neighbors who make noise at night by entering their apartment as a floor waxer and re-wiring their hi-fi with an internal power source and a remote control you control. Degaussing their cassettes and talking in a loud voice when you meet them in the hallway.
  • Kidnapping boom-box carriers and locking them in sensory deprivation chambers.
  • Is befouling our environment uniquely American? The garbage on the floor of subways and theaters. People are animals. The line between begging and mugging.
  • Joe and his friend pick up a young ballet dancer in a bar and return to Joe's apartment. She is nearly raped while Joe plays the piano.
  • Freedom dominates our pop-culture, yet we feel enslaved. Consumerism and commercials which play on our anxiety. Time saving devices.
  • The story of Dave, a laid-back, cynical, but good hearted photographer. "How to identify a road kill," DC bumper stickers. He's a regular at a strip club, makes a facetious bid for mayor, turns to Joe on the verge of a breakdown.
  • Joe the gas station attendant: A man with broken headlights drives backwards, collides with a man who's been driving with two flat tires for months and only has two wheels. A car full of beavers. A couple who fight over who is the best parent drive off and abandon their child. Joe waits for his wife to return - she left on an errand twelve years ago. A bus full of people who've taken a vow of silence, with note pads on chains around their necks. A man arrives, looks at a map, remains sitting in his car for days, shrivels and ages. Natural catastrophes spare the station. Joe meets himself after passing through a sand funnel.
  • Bringing class war to Limousine passengers: forming a pie corps, reporting their cars stolen, musing their hair, planting roach lice. *A classroom lecture on life goals, quality of life. The leisure class has time to go insane. A singer becomes famous, troubled. A man inherits wealth, finds no comfort. The tragedy of the unemployed poor.

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