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This is the sandbox. Feel free to edit this page by clicking on the "Edit" link in the tabs above. The purpose of this page is to let you play and learn. Go on, go nuts!


can we upload ascii? Media:musiclist.txt

OK. Figured it out.


this works. I got it with [[Image:Summernotes.jpg]].

But we want a cool thumbnail that fits inline with text and has a caption.

Can't have it until we recompile PHP and enable the GD library.

If you add the following to any page, you'll cause it to die a horrible death and throw an error in my server log: [[Image:Summernotes.jpg|thumb|don't do this yet]]...but that will be the syntax for image thumbnails.

how's this?

or this?

Hello world

~~~~ Spblat 11:35, 3 Feb 2005 (PST)

~~~ Spblat

This is a test ion encased in a box.




let's add a normal page as a template and see if it works. It does, if preceeded with a colon - but if the template includes links or categories, suddenly this page picks them up!

Another test link