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"The Road to Hell, 1988" is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side (series).


Train sounds. A poetic celebration of the hobo. A ski lodge, writing "regret not the momentary impulse" on a cast. Founding fathers, the articles of confabulation and the bill of human bondage. General Deities Incorporated. Christmas in new york. Throwing a new years party - a guest suffocated beneath coats. Getting mugged weekly in the stairway of Joe's apartment, then meeting the same guy years later. Rapid monologue amidst glass-style minimalist orchestral music: I am a statue in the park... walking into the river and filling a bowl on one's head, using a third eye to cheat at cards. Individualism amidst mobs, perception of a radio program. Deepened monologue: immigrants mistaking an oil rig for America, getting menial jobs, raising middle class children. The balance of payments: taxation by weighing noblemen. A woman with a french accent talks about falling in love. A malfunctioning garage door opener. Describing a fantasy woman. Odes: Oh woman, high school cheerleader, businesswoman, nurse, homemaker, secretary, stewardess. Deepened monologue: being tired of life, the legions of the dead. Dreams: discovering one is still married to an ex wife, being a cartoon character spun off as a plastic doll. A being oiled by women in a room full of video games with a glass floor while a man reads holy books, wanting to go away, watching an old man dance with a beautiful young girl.

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