Queen Of Puerto Rico, The (Show)

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The Queen Of Puerto Rico[1]
WBAI and NPR Playhouse
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
1 hour
Preceded by: The Decline Of Spengler
Followed by: Sales

"He was seventeen, on vacation with his mother and father in the Caribbean."

"The Queen Of Puerto Rico" is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series WBAI and NPR Playhouse. It was originally broadcast in 1983.

Joe published a book of the same name, containing a slightly modified version of the program text in short story form.


A teenage boy visits a Caribbean island with his parents. He watches the pink lady in a bar. He meets her on the beach. Brief monologueabout driving through the countryside against the sounds of a racing car. He meets a man in a bar who invites him to a beach house. He gets stoned and drunk and winds up in bed with the man. A man in a hospital imagines he is in a resort. The man follows the boy to the airport, later calls him and sends him letters, invites him to visit and becomes the queen of Puerto Rico. He wears his grandmother's necklace, think s of the pink lady. He writes the man and asks for money. The man goes to the hospital. Later he drops out of school and returns to the island. More scenes of a confused man in the hospital. The boy gets a job on the island, begins wearing makeup, becomes the pink lady. Breakfast in the hospital.

Interesting Facts

Shares some text with Fat Man Down (not the same audio)


  • "Morning/Midday" - M'Boom (from "M'Boom", 1979)


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