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Compulsion to wander, items for traveling. Well treated concentration camp victims. Barking at a dinner party. Buying the larynx of a famous tenor. A theater production that ends in a riot. A comic bleeds to death. Hole worshipers. A rich man left for dead joins a religious sect. Struggling to appear unconcerned. Scenes from the bible presented by actors dressed as concentration camp inmates. Actors walking backwards shown in reverse in white and black. Denying the big bang and evolution. Retired animals. Describing an Asian dream woman. A childhood slide show. The geometric growth of number of ancestors and the futility of genealogy. A childish woman becomes morbid when her husband destroys her dolls, goes to psychoanalysis. Her husband the judge steals women's clothing. A man obsessed with sitting where women have sat, and on obsessed with being stepped on. Feeling the earth move beneath your feet. Discovering that you've lost your way. Finding the meaning of life in a dream and forgetting it.

Interesting Facts

This appears to be a more polished retelling of much of the material in At the Border (remix).


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Another one of my favorites. Utterly outstanding music. A good example of a technique where Joe rattles off an impossibly long list (this time it's a list of things he takes when he travels light).

Nice quote: "Once I locked my door from the inside, threw the key out the window and tied myself to the bed with my suspenders." {Pause} "But I easily broke free."

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