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"The Perfect Woman" is the name of a short film written by and featuring Joe Frank. It was released Online in November/December 2005.


(This synopsis is intentionally incomplete, so as to avoid spoiling the film for those who haven't seen it.)

  • A video talk show in which a topless adult film star is interviewed, we hear sound from her film "the moving instant."
  • Shots of Joe driving a car in a rainstorm. He arrives in an apartment and and begins to watch the television program.
  • An advertisement for a escort service 900 number. Joe calls, is asked to describe the perfect woman. He describes a slender graduate student with a complex personal history, list of hobbies and skills, and an absurdly detailed personal characteristics.
  • A woman arrives at the door.

Interesting Facts

  • In End, The and other programs we hear some of the text used in the interview.
  • In Sleep Joe requests a similar dream woman but is disappointed when a heavily made-up middle aged prostitute arrives instead.
  • Credits include "David Ripkin" - a mistake, or a barely disguised screen name?


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