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A few absurd Joe Frank anecdotes are visualized in this 10 minute short film, mentioned in Live at The Great American Music Hall. It's available at as a "September :: October 2005" member premium.


  • Joe's father killed at the screw works, turned into a screw. "Threaded to death."
  • The candlelit electricity plant: they sold all their power so there was none available for lights.
  • Gas station scene: guy drives in backwards because his headlights were out. Another guy comes in with only front tires. They argue, then leave together and open a beauty salon.
  • Lost on an elevator. Changing to the express elevator, getting lost faster. Joe calls his dad, who magically appears to help him navigate home. "You're smoking a whole pack of Chesterfields!"
  • Plans for the future.
  • "Ringling Brothers' winter home for retired animals."

Interesting Facts

Every episode in this film can also be heard in Live at Market Street, although the vocal track and background music are unique.


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