Kpfa Interview, Feb 22, 2004

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"Kpfa Interview, Feb 22, 2004" is the name of a program Joe Frank participated in during the 2004 Winter pledge drive at Berkeley radio station KPFA.


An answering machine message from Joe apologizing for not calling in last week. Clips of callers praising Joe's work. Susan Stone interviews Joe live on the phone. Joe threatens to sue over the offensive nature of listener comments, then regrets it. Joe talks about the 80 yard run. Questions from listeners: Joe claims he uses no scripts. A question about the archery range and stoplight scene from Stories for Nothing. Larry Bloch calls and claims Joe is avoiding him, giving him wrong phone numbers, and that he is owed money. Joe talks about a fistfight, Zak planting a bomb under his car, harassment. Larry claims everything was fiction and that his career is ruined because of his role on the show. Zak praises the ambiguity over what is real in Joe's show, accuses him of exploiting Larry. Joe and Zak talk about what is real on radio; Joe as a scavenger of human sorrow. Susan opens the phones with Joe and Zak on the air. Diamond Dave (a sf call-in regular) talks about the story about Detroit from The Rose, claims he met Detroit. [Note - there was a guy named Detroit in Berkeley in 1999 who occasionally dropped by camp KPFA. Same guy?] A guy asks Joe for advice for an 18 year old. Joe says he never smoked marijuana. The relationship between Joe and Bob Dylan. A question about some show with a struggling actor and his brother. (Possibly Jerry's world?) Jim Bennett and Mary Berg join Joe in studio. Joe tied Bennett to a tree and took his money. Joe pitches for the fund drive. Larry offers a matching grant. Joe hangs up. Clips from old programs.

Interesting Facts

Last hour of extended fund drive.


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