Karma (Part 6)

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Karma (Part 6)[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank, Larry Block, Kristine McKenna, Jack Kornfield
Karma Style, 1 hour
Preceded by: Karma (Part 5)
Followed by: Karma (Part 7)

And so two weeks passed of emails and phone messages from Kate.

Karma (Part 6) is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on May 28, 2000.


  • Joe: he talks to Kate on the phone. They say they love each other. An idyllic description of Europe. Joe is jealous. Joe's mother had a wondering eye. The big bang and finding God.
  • Joe's mother: she answers the phone, says she is not naked, and discusses romantic movies.
  • Kristine: romantic love compared to extreme performance art. Love and immortality.
  • Kornfield: a woman is told by people of different religions that they've each seen her dead lover in their afterlife.
  • Larry: A brief relationship with a woman from the theater who then loses interest in him.
  • Joe: Animal cruelty as part of God's plan. "You could call it God's grace. But I wouldn't."
  • Kornfield: Explaining satellites, the solar system to a wise old monk. Wisdom vs. knowledge. The origin of everything in an ancient star.
  • Kristine: A boy walks her to school throughout her adolescence. Being disappointed with her first sexual encounter. Bad relationships.
  • Joe: Imagining fake memories about Kate: meeting her in Rome, being teenage sweethearts; the sort of imagined scenes on thinks of while waiting on a plane.
  • Kornfield: Knowing what time it is. "When [situation] arises, how does your heart respond?" set to a fast beat.
  • Sound effects: a stewardess gives a safety lecture on an airplane.
  • Joe: All songs are about love. Alternative song titles about unpleasant everyday events.



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I think this is the one to show my mom, aside from the bit about Joe overhearing his elderly mother moaning while masturbating. Ah well. A really outstanding example of the Karma style.

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