Karma (Part 5)

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"Karma (Part 5)" is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side (series).


  • Kristine McKenna: Getting over love, unbearable endings. The initial "big bang" love can't last forever. Risking the unknown.
  • Joe: he imagines Kate's next lover.
  • Kristine: she analyzes Joe's relationship with Kate
  • Joe: Kate calls him on various pretexts.
  • Jack Kornfield: material benefits of loving kindness. Allurement instead of gravity.
  • Joe: his gay cousin is left money in the wills of two elderly women. His mother begins spending time with a young, gay hairdresser and Joe worries. He imagines his mother and her hairdresser meeting Kate and her new lover. He imagines a fight with his mother.
  • Kornfield: meeting burned children in a hospital. Ishi teaches the Kroebers a funeral song.
  • Kristine: Falling in love comes with certainty. A bad relationship. Repeating bad relationships. Getting into bed with a married man in the hospital. Repeating Edward Weston's nude sand dune photos.
  • Joe: Young Kate daily begs her father for bus money to go to a dance academy. A man ejaculates onto her on the bus. Remembering a lost lover. Joe calls Kate on a film set in Italy.
  • Kornfield: a loving kindness meditation set against a tense, fast beat.

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