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"Have you heard the one about the guy who goes sailing on the weekend with his dog?..."

"Evening Sky" is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side (series).


  • Larry Block: he fights with a fellow actor during the intermission after a particularly good performance, tries out for the man's brother later.
  • Larry and Joe: dignified suicide, driving into a stanchion at high speed, a coordinated cross country suicide game of chicken after having taking out life insurance policies.
  • David Rapkin and Joe: David suggests a suicide in which the two drive across the country while talking on mobile phones and crash in the middle.
  • Jack Kornfield: small and vast worlds
  • Larry: A man has an affair, loves two people at once, tells his wife.
  • David Rapkin and Joe: Loving more than one person, needing to lie, lying about mountain climbing.
  • Gregory Poe: interviewing an aging fashion designed while his wife is receiving last rights in the next room. Souvenirs cut from Marilyn Monroe's body. Hiding Betty Davis' huge ears.
  • Larry: he's furious with Zak, fed up with Zak's behavior.
  • Unknown man: an answering machine message about a flash light testicular exam.
  • Gregory: relationship with his father
  • Kornfield: Reverse Living poem
  • David: Visions of Jesus. His life at work seems like an acting job. Wanting to make music.
  • Larry: physical intimacy is bizarre and repulsive, de-mystifying sex.
  • David: "I've seen Christ..." in an auto shop, in a gym, etc. Redemption through gastrointestinal release.
  • Joe and Larry: Scenes from his balcony, planting a flag on a newly constructed building as on a mountain, opportunities for voyeurism. Meditations on the beauty of the sky, cut with cursing a bad telephone connection.
  • David: A rambling spiritual trip across asia.

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