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Pilot :: The End[1]
WBAI and NPR Playhouse
Original Broadcast Date
Barbara Sohmers, Clark Gordon, Paul Mantell, Robin Goodman, Avery Hart, Brother Theodore, Larry Block, Irene Wagner, Arthur Miller, Tim Jerome, Annalee Jeffries, Joe Frank.
Directed by Arthur Miller, sound by David Rapkin. Written and produced by Joe Frank
Scripted Actors, Absurd Monologue, Mock Interview, 1 hour
Preceded by: Lies
Followed by: The Decline Of Spengler

"Once, uh, I went alone to the Yucatan to go diving"

"Pilot::The End" are two thirty minute programs Joe Frank produced as part of the series NPR Playhouse. They are typically broadcast together. They were originally aired in 1983.


A man decides to become a pilot while diving in the Yucatan with a toothache. Actor dialog: revolution around a resort and talking with a mysterious pilot, villages are bombed, radio interview with anthropologist about a village dance (the story of "the curse of the concubine" and a man blessed with flight), planning a bombing raid, an encounter with a woman ends in tears. Joe's doctor dies, and he finds someone living in his apartment. Voice-over radio plays: an exaggerated Indian accent describes souls who don't know they are dead. An interview with "Love Film" actors. A circus by the sea explodes. Joe can't sleep at the YMCA, emotion is a sign of decadence. Steinfeld's theory of Chaos. A woman describes an encounter with a couple and a girlfriend. Joe is in a bar on a train in the countryside, the conductor questions people (the "Is your business of a personal nature or is it commercial? . . . I buy and sell animals..." dialog), Joe remembers the country side and tries to cross a river. A doctor removes fragments of bone from Joe's body. Indian voice talks about nirvana as a resort hotel. A couple fights at the circus funeral.

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Music: Vladimir Cosma, Diva, Sentimental Walk


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