Debi Mae At Burning Man

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Joe converses with Debi Mae West about her adventures surrounding Burning Man 2004. This program was presented online on Joe Frank's web site in February 2005. We hear about:

  • Being invited and preparing to go
  • A description of the event itself
  • She had an extremely intense experience and was at her most loving and charismatic while she was there
  • She met Lee and they fell in love
  • Lee has other relationships with women across the globe and isn't willing to be straight about them, Debi is both heartbroken and obsessed
  • There's another (married) guy she's interested in, and it turns out he's interested in her too
  • Breaking up with Malcolm

Interesting Facts

  • We heard about Malcolm in Emptiness. Joe wasn't a fan of Malcolm at the time, and now it's clear his concerns were well founded.


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Poor Debi. I like listening to her talk with Joe and I hope she finds contentment--heaven knows she's searching for it. My wife has some interesting theories about the origins of Debi's relationship problems which I'll ask her to share here someday.


I find it hard to have a lot of sympathy for people who live life to excess as Debi has. If you're going to attend a party dressed up like a prostitute, then why would you be surprised when you're treated like one?

Yes, I hope she finds happiness. But she's looking in all the wrong places, I think.

Her anecdotes are interesting, but I find Larry Block's stories more intensely personal. I think that he contribute more to Joe's later shows.


Ms West is a professional actor playing a role for Joe Frank's shows. I have no reason to believe that the roles she plays reflect her personal life.RandomTroll 16:04, 14 Nov 2010 (PST)


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