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"The Box" is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side (series).


Someone delivers a nonsense monologuein english with mangled Spanish words thrown in. A woman tells a drunk man not to visit her. [FINISH ME -45] Debi talks about fighting with her boyfriend, a direction-less guy with no money and shaven body parts, and describes an impromptu threesome at a party. A mysterious woman visits Joe's office late at night and asks him to keep a box. Seeing one's back in a mirror. Debi complains about paying for her boyfriend when they go out, reading in order to impress people. Her boyfriend shows up while she's talking about him. They discuss shitting in the bathtub. Monologue on rain; feeling one's life is meaningless and needing to break up with a wife/girlfriend before the rain ends.

Interesting Facts

Shares material with Third World Country, shares text with Islands and Nausea.


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