Angina Dialogues, The

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The Angina Dialogues[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Larry Block, Jack Kornfield, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 1 hour
Preceded by: Fire and Ice
Followed by: Love Prisoner

"I was walking past a church, off of central park west, you know."

The Angina Dialogues is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side (Series). It was originally broadcast on March 11, 2001.


  • Larry Block and Joe: Having compassion for God. Larry gets married by a young, hip rabbi. Where was Superman during the Holocaust. "God wept at the gates of Auschwitz." A slick Rabbi only does parties.
  • Jack Kornfield: Happiness doesn't depend on external circumstances.
  • Larry and Joe: The story of a great Rabbi who comforts a catholic woman after she confesses to anal sex. Nihilism and King Lear. Violence in Shakespeare and resolving conflicts through Chess tournaments. The giraffe as a school mascot. The road less traveled.
  • Kornfield: Our interests limit what we see.
  • Larry and Joe: Writing a book about a psychiatrist who recommends suicide. Being prescribed anti-depressants. Zak is in the bathroom smoking pot. Addiction, mixing liquor and drugs. A painter arrives.
  • Kornfield: Men or their children walking toward a church.
  • Larry and Joe: An unfinished story that gets repeated over and over again: a neighbor who seems a nice guy has screaming fights with his Aunt in Greece. After he disappears for a few weeks and returns, Larry shares that he had hoped the man had been left some property and come into a better life. The man responds with a bizarre ethnic insult.
  • Larry and Joe: a psychiatrist suggests Larry is responsible for the problems in his life.
  • Kornfiend: self knowledge and surrender, instant gratification.

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